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DLR– DAAD-Research Fellowships : High-Speed FSO Links using DWDM-Technology

Research Area : Space

Research Topic: High-Speed FSO Links using DWDM-Technology

DLR Institute: Institute of Communications and Navigation; Oberpfaffenhofen

Position: Postdoctoral Fellow

Job Specification: The Optical Communications Group investigates new technologies to increase the throughput in free-space optical links between ground stations, aircrafts, satellites, etc. The particular channel behaviour due to atmospheric turbulence causes phase and amplitude distortions of the incident laser beam that lead to deviations in the signal direction and fluctuations in received power. To increase data throughput into the terabit/s region multiple data channels need to be transmitted in parallel via DWDM technology. This will allow increasing the throughput in satellite feeder links by orders of magnitude. However, the impairments caused by the turbulent atmosphere must be assessed and overcome by respective technological means.

In a first step a DWDM free-space testbed will be set up and optimized. DWDM components need to be evaluated for their use in FSO links and according pointing and tracking mechanisms need to be established to maintain the link stability.

Required Qualification: Degree in Electrical Engineering / Information Technology, Physics, or similar fields with superior qualification

Experience in C++, Matlab

Advantageous Skills: Experience in Signal Processing, experience in laboratory  environment,experience in optical components

Language competence: English fluent, German at least basic with willingness for improvement

Application Deadline: until position filled

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