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Doctoral Fellow: Maritime Communications: Modelling of signal propagation for ship-toship (Germany)

Research Area : Space Transportation

Research Topic: Maritime Communications: Modelling of signal propagation for ship-toship and ship-to-shore environments at C-band

DLR Institute: Institute of Communications and Navigation; Oberpfaffenhofen

Department Communications Systems

Position: Doctoral Fellow

Job Specification: In maritime communications new services will be established on longterm

in order to support various new applications in maritime transportation. For this purpose new communication systems have to be developed. As these communication systems shall be adapted to the signal propagation conditions, these conditions have to be known precisely. However, so far, these propagation mechanisms are not known to the required level of detail.

The purpose of the fellowship is to accurately describe the propagation mechanisms in maritime environments. DLR will conduct a propagation measurement campaign at the Baltic Sea in spring 2014. In the framework of the fellowship, the data recorded at this campaign shall be evaluated in a first step. The evaluation requires to carefully extract all relevant propagation parameters. For this purpose, the various recordings by DLR’s measurement equipment encompassing e.g. a broadband channel sounder, INS and GPS on-board ships, and cameras for visual inspection, shall be considered. The second step of the work has the objective to develop a channel model which accurately describes the propagation conditions. The channel model can be based on concepts which are already know from literature (like tap-delay line implementations) but can also incorporate new elements; special


attention shall be directed versus the accurate modelling of scattering effects on the surface of the sea; these effects strongly depend on the features of waves. The developed model shall be implemented in MATLAB; furthermore it shall be mature enough to serve as input to standardisation at ITU-R.

During the fellowship the presentation of (intermediate) results is mandatory at international conferences. Furthermore a journal paper in an ISI listed international journal on propagation shall be published in the third year of the fellowship.

Required Qualification: M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering / Telecommunications with excellent

grades; profound knowledge of digital signal processing, estimation theory and statistics

Advantageous Skills: MATLAB programming skills, very high degree of mathematical ability

English competence: English fluent, German at least workable knowledge with willingness of improvement

Earliest Start Date: March 2014

Application Deadline: December 2014

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