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Reproducibility Project: Cancer Biology

USA- FlagThe Reproducibility Project: Cancer Biology is a collaboration between the Center for Open Science and Science Exchange to examine the replicability of cancer biology studies.

The key experimental findings from each of the 50 most impactful cancer biology studies published between 2010-2012 are being replicated by experts from the Science Exchange network, according to best practices for replication established by the Center for Open Science.

The experimental protocol, materials, data, and results are being made openly available on each study’s project page on the Open Science Framework.

The Reproducibility Project: Cancer Biology is managed by a core team of personnel who develops and executes the project design. This includes coordinating and participating in the coding of information from the original papers, and communicating with the original authors and Science Exchange labs who will be performing the replication experiments. For a short biography of the core team members, visit the Project Team page.

The Reproducibility Project: Cancer Biology is advised by leaders on the issue of reproducibility. For a list and short biography of the advisors, visit the Advisory Board page.


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