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PhD opportunity at the Bamberg Graduate School of Social Sciences (BAGSS- Germany)

Drapeau AllemagneResearching Real-World Societal Problems

The Bamberg Graduate School of Social Sciences (BAGSS) is a school which joins the Faculties of Social Sciences, Economics, and Business Administration and of Human Sciences and Education at the University of Bamberg. Social, empirical and educational sciences are major fields of research in Bamberg, and enjoy a highly regarded international reputation. Bamberg itself is located in Franconia, southern Germany.

A Focused Interdisciplinary Profile BAGSS seeks to stimulate and guide state-of-the-art doctoral research on vital concerns faced by modern, knowledge-based societies. Specialised research agendas have been grouped into four thematic pillars at BAGSS: 1. Education, personal development and learning from early childhood to adulthood 2. Education and social inequality across the entire life course 3. Changes in human capital, labour markets and demographic structures and their impact on social inequality in modern societies 4. Governance, institutional change and political behaviour

These thematic research agendas are linked by a sound methodological base in the empirical social sciences – a shared interest in the interaction between institutions on the one hand, and individual choices and societal processes on the other. The substantial problems BAGSS scholars are concerned with often cross the boundaries between academic disciplines. BAGSS pools the expertise of sociologists, psychologists, educational and political scientists, economists, demographers, and statisticians to provide state-of-the-art, multi- and interdisciplinary supervision for doctoral researchers.

Doctoral Training: Tailored to Your Needs At BAGSS, doctoral researchers are typically supported by a committee of three supervisors. They also benefit from a structured, well-funded training programme tailored to their individual needs. The language of instruction at BAGSS is English, and you can write and defend your thesis in English as well as in German. The programme is designed to be completed in three years. During this time, defined milestones will help you and your supervisors to evaluate the progress of the doctoral research project.

Excellent Conditions BAGSS is funded by the German Science Foundation (DFG) within the framework of the German Excellence Initiative. Our ambition is to create an optimal research environment for doctoral researchers, and to provide you with every possibility for networking. Training – Personalised and Responsive: – Close personal supervision by three professors – Individual and flexible course programme – Methodological and theoretical courses A Community of Scholars: – Inter-institutional and international cooperation – Internationally renowned visiting scholars – Frequent mini-workshops Financial Support: – Scholarships and fellowships available – Research and travel support – Dedicated office space and IT equipment Preparation for the Job Market – Workshops in transferable and professional skills – Teaching opportunities – Higher education didactics – Career development workshops Application BAGSS invites applications from exceptionally qualified graduates in Sociology, Psychology, Empirical Educational Studies, Political Science, Economics, Demography, and Statistics, or closely related fields. Candidates must hold a Master’s degree or be very close to completion. Application is possible for each winter semester from mid-December to 31 March, and for each summer semester from August until 30 October.

Please apply online via our homepage:

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