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Scientific cooperation – Ghana & Germany ( PhD Program in Germany)

BlasonDepending on the work schedule and the time table of the applicant up to 36 months.

  • Grants will be given by the DAAD each time for one year only. The request for prolongation will be subject to a questioning by the selection committee.


  • A monthly co-financed allowance of EUR 1.000
  • Health, liability and casualty insurance will be paid.
  • An appropriate flat-rate travel allowance will be reimbursed after the applicant’s arrival in Germany. So please observe that the travel expenses have to financed in advance.
  • During the complete funding time a maximum of 2 field research phases in your home country (of altogether 12 months) is possible. During the field research phases the funding will be paid for a maximum of 3 months (this rule is being applied for the complete funding time, not per year). As of the fourth month of a field research phase no more funding will be paid.
  • This programme does not pay any research funding (assumption of the costs must be added to the application).
  • Preparatory language courses in Accra and in Germany.

Further information and advice

  • Information about the application deadline is to be received within the annual announcement of the Scholarship Office. Further information can be obtained from
  • Application documents have to be submitted to Mr. Fuseini Lansah Registrar of Scholarships Scholarship Secretariat P.O. Box M75 Accra, Ghana
  • Please regard that the beginning of your grant can only be in April or October. As a rule, the grant is preceded by a 4 or 6 months lasting language course.
  • The grant awards are decided once a year by a binational Selection committee with equal representations.

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