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Doctoral offers at the German Research School for Simulation Sciences

Logo German Research School The doctoral offers of the German Research School for Simulation Sciences are intended to give excellent graduate students from all over the world the opportunity to participate in strongly-interdisciplinary research in the fast-evolving field of simulation sciences. The day-to-day language of the German Research School for Simulation Sciences as a whole is English.
Doctoral candidates should have a Master’s degree in science or engineering. They are expected to have previous experience in computer programming and in the simulation of processes or phenomena in the natural sciences or in engineering.

The research associated with the doctoral thesis can be carried out in
a) our own research laboratories, or in
b) any of the research groups of RWTH Aachen University and Forschungszentrum Jülich listed here.

In the latter case, the thesis should involve a topic of interest to the research laboratories of the German Research School for Simulation Sciences (e.g. common applications or methods). Ideally, this is a common project carried out in one of these groups. Also, cooperations with industry partners might be considered. Applications are accepted for specific open positions (see here) as well as speculatively.

Individual research at the different laboratories and institutes in Aachen and Jülich is complemented by common activities which, owing to the inherent cross-disciplinary nature of the simulation sciences, represent an essential part of the offers.

The doctoral work is expected to take about three years, including the writing of the thesis. Candidates will be funded during this time at a level competitive with other leading doctoral programs. They are expected to contribute a limited amount of time to educational activities. The research salary will cover living expenses, housing, health insurance, pension plan, and taxes. Doctoral candidates in general have certain additional benefits such as reduced prices for public transport, access to museums, etc.

The doctoral exam will be administered by RWTH Aachen University, with the certificate mentioning the German Research School for Simulation Sciences. Our doctoral offers are organized in cooperation with related institutions at RWTH Aachen University, in particular the Aachen Institute for Advanced Study in Computational Engineering Science (AICES).

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