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PhD program in Speech and language pathology, Psycho-/ Neurolinguistics, Clinical Linguistics

Requirement for successful candidates for the PhD program is a Master’s (or qualified equivalent degree) in Speech and language pathology, Psycho-/ Neurolinguistics, Clinical Linguistics or other language-related fields with a very good grade (at least a B or the equivalent).

Further requirements for successful candidates include:

  • outstanding academic achievement
  • excellent oral and written English language skills
  • aptitude for original, independent and creative work
  • research experience


To make clear reference to the joint doctoral training at the partner universities, there are common application and selection procedures, common quality assessment and program monitoring. Moreover, the partner universities offer jointly supervised research lines. Candidates are highly recommended to write a proposal that fits into one of these research lines. It is also possible to suggest other project proposals that center around language and brain. In this case, please name two potential supervisors.

Next application period: from 15th September 2014 to 15th November 2014

Required documents

– a personal and academic curriculum vitae,
– a description of the motivation for applying to the program,
– a 8-10 pages research proposal (see template),
– research-motivated preference for a home university and
– the mobility plan,
– a certified copy of highest degree certificates and
– of academic records,
– reference letters of two academics in English,
– a proof of sufficient English language knowledge, and
– a copy of the identification papers or passport.

  1. Master students can apply prior to the degree if they do a 2-years program and have been awarded at least 60 ECTS in the first year; in case of selection for the program the offer will be conditional not only on completing the Masters but also on grades – both overall and (particularly) of the thesis.

Application procedure

To apply for IDEALAB please log in to the application portal.

You will have the possibility to upload all required documents or to fill in forms with required information. When specifying referees for your letters of recommendation please note that they will get an e-mail with a link to upload their letters electronically. For the selection committee, the letters of recommendation will show up together with all your documents but you will not see them.

The first application round will be finished beginning of December and you will receive a notification. Preselected candidates receive an invitation to a Skype-interview on December 19 + 20, 2013. Preselected candidates are also asked to submit certified copies by the time of their interview.

For détails:, 08 July 2014

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