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PhD Scholarships opportunities at the University of Freiberg (Germany)

« ‘Multi-Functional Filters for Metal Melt Filtration – A Contribution towards Zero Defect Materials »‘

There exists an increasing pressure on the metal-making and metal using industry to remove solid and liquid inclusions such as deoxidation products, sulfides, nitrides carbides etc. and thereby improve metal cleanliness. It is well known that size, type and distribution of non-metallic inclusions in metal experts considerable effects on the mechanical properties of the cast products. The aim of the collaborative research center is an enormous reduction of non metallic inclusions in the metal matrix by utilizing intelligent filter materials as well as filter systems with a functionalized filter surface. More than 60 scientists from 12 different disciplines in the areas of ceramics, processing, filtration simulation, metal casting, metal testing, flow dynamics, modeling of ceramic behavior at elevated temperatures and thermodynamics work for the next four years. It is essential to know thermophysical properties of the open celled ceramic foams and to determine heat transfer coefficient during the filtration process to achieve the objectives in one of the areas mentioned above. Particularly the transient filtration process is of vital importance for the thermomechanical behavior of the filters. Associated with its extremely large temperature rise, large amounts of heat are transfered within seconds. In addition to measurements in the casting process, numerical evaluation of the obtained temperature curves is necessary. The conservation equations describing the system have to be solved for the determination of the volumetric heat transfer coefficients. The international PhD-candidate will be integrated in subproject B03 of the CRC at the chair of Engineering Thermodynamics and contribute to the numerical part of this project.

Deadline: March 31st, 2012

For details: International Scholarship for PhD-Students- Univ Freiberg

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