Scholarship: European MSc Degree in Food Science, Technology and Nutrition

The aim of the European MSc. degree is to foster and develop knowledge and awareness of scientific trends and health issues in food science, technology and nutrition in a global context.

Therefore we offer a Master Course where both students and scholars can participate in several modules in different countries of the European Union and in the Third-Country associated member institutions.

Student grants

Under Erasmus Mundus II framework there will be student grants awarded either for non-EU (category A) as well as for EU nationals (category B).

The category A student grants are composed of:

  • 2,000 euro per semester as a contribution to travel, installation and any other type of costs
  • 4,000 euro per semester as a contribution to the EMMC participation costs (tuition fee, insurance coverage, etc.)
  • 1,000 euro per month as a monthly allowance per month of study

Students can submit their application online:

Info :

KaHo Sint-Lieven – Postgraduate Course Service
Gebr. Desmetstraat 1 – B-9000 Gent – Belgium
Tel. 32 9 265 86 45 – Fax. 32 9 265 86 46


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